Creative Juices Premium Elixir – Fruit Milk – 60ml / 3mg

Creative Juices Premium Elixir - Fruit Milk - 60ml / 3mg

Primary Flavors: Magic Ice Cream Bar diced above a bowl of a certain fruit cereal..This collection of bright colored fruits cereal has been collected from the floating hidden temple on Pandora. We only pluck the plumpest, ripest & juiciest nectarine available. After being triple refined these cultivated flakes of promise, are blended with various waterfalls of milky cream. After being twice dipped in heaven & earth together, these pebbles have been blended down & poured to serve fresh. Rejoice, breakfast in a bottle, served with you in mind. Drip it to the limit, as this fruity passion will have you feeling like a kid again. (Remember: we as a juice company, strive to appeal to the ?Ç£inner kid?Ç¥ in that grown up adult, Silly kids, this one?ÇÖs for Adults of legal abiding age).70% VG

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