Hannya Postless RDA by Blitz Enterprises

Blast Enterprises exhibits their dynamic diagram limits with their new Hannya Postless RDA uniting a dynamic “post-less” shape deck, plenteous twofold and single adaptable wind current, a significant press well, and Honeycomb Delrin widebore spill tip. The limit here to develop yourself unlimited wicking decisions shows how Blitz Enterprises is driving the course for authentic cloud seeking after atomizers. This broad style engages an a lot of amasses, including single or twofold circle setups, and unlimited wicking potential results for your most adored e-juice. The positive “post” in the inside section is enveloped by PEAK spread while the other two lead holes are negative “posts,” a procedure that ensures a strange condition of circles conductivity and extra resistance. This is a key RDA for any cloud chaser to have in their munititions stockpile.

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