IPV3 Box Mod

When talking about the best vape mod kits, there is a war on wattage use. The latest introduction is the IPV 3 Box Mod. The iPV3 is a very serious variable, dual 18650 cloud chasing wattage device. It starts from 7 Watts going to 150 Watts in its power, and can also fire up to .1 Ohms.


This recently introduced 150-watt model vape accessories coming from Sigelei. It is a dual-battery powered horsepower special that has been designed for the use of the most genre-savvy and experienced vapers.


The New Features


IPV3 Box Mod e cig mod kits feature a YiHi SX330 internal microprocessor, which is effective for accurate wattage control including high-quality temperature regulation. Its OLED screen is definitely one of the few that actually displays the remaining battery life as part of its default systems. This seems like it is an almost automatic inclusion when discussing about a vape device with this type of power.


Different juice levels typically come with an extra battery, and this IPV3 Box Mod is certainly not an exception. Its dual batteries powering the IPV3 crank out the included watts on the box. Since they are not included in the unit, you need to have your own. The battery life on the kit is extremely outstanding as what is expected out of a device, which runs on two batteries that are high powered.


Easy Features


When it comes to batteries, when it runs down, make sure that they are not charged with the USB port. For one, this model does not even support internal charging. The available port is more than just a decoration as well as in delivering firmware updates the moment they are released.


Among the things that it can do without the need for internet connection is to attempt killing your device if you enter electricity into a port that is designed for information. This only means that in order to keep the power from flowing into your unit, you definitely need an external charger. The best option for the battery is a NiteCore I2 Intellicharger for this purpose.


One reason why the NiteCore I2 Charger is perfect is its capability to identify various types of batteries along with its four individually controlled slots for charging. This includes Ni-MH, Li-Ion, as well as Ni-Cd types of battery.


Keep in mind that if you are not careful, this device may take you towards the danger zone. By making sure that it is properly maintained, you can expect that disaster and accidents are prevented. The safety features often include a computer controlled overheat protection temperature, which comes with low voltage protection, dedicated vent holes, short circuit protection, as well as reverse battery polarity protection. Even at 150 watts, these vaping accessories can still be considered as one of the best and most stable devices ever.