Loaded E-Liquid – Apple Fritter – 120ml / 6mg

Loaded E-Liquid - Apple Fritter - 120ml / 6mg

Loaded Apple Fritter Premium E-Liquids are designed with unbeatable precision and only the best American-Made eJuice ingredients. Every Apple Fritter EJuice bottle is subjected to a ruthless quality control process. If a liquid doesn’t pass our high quality standards, it doesn’t earn the Ruthless Label, simple as thatFresh out of the oven Apple Fritter Ejuice!For all of you Loaded fans, you?ÇÖre going to love Apple Fritter. If you like Glazed Donuts and Cookie Butter, Apple Fritter is a must try. Like really.. There?ÇÖs nothing better than homemade apple fritter in the morning with a cup of coffee. Those scrumptious little bites of caramelized apple, crispy dough, and a touch of cinnamon is just oh so heavenly. Okay, enough fantasizing about Apple Fritter. If you enjoy your vape to be warmer, get ready to increase your watts for this e-juice because it?ÇÖs the perfect e-juice to do it with.First things first, the gentle and velvety throat hit will give you the cloud production that cloud chasers dream of. When it comes to flavor, it?ÇÖs got the classic flavor intensity and texture unique to Loaded e-juices. You?ÇÖll instantly notice the sweet and woody cinnamon flavor that compliments the caramelized apple well. The apple isn?ÇÖt overpowering and the glazed apple paired with cinnamon is a match made in heaven. Lastly, the crisp golden brown dough completes the flavor with a delightful and elegant finish leaving your soul at peace.Apple Fritter E-juiceFreshly Grounded CinnamonCrisp Golden Brown DoughCaramelized Apple BitesVelvety Throat HitIncredible Flavor70% VG

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