Oro – Disposable Vape Device – Apple Ice – 1.3ml / 50mg

Oro - Disposable Vape Device - Apple Ice - 1.3ml / 50mg

Apple Ice Flavor – Apple lovers across the globe are going to get a kick out of this new and delectable flavor. Ripe red apple flavors fresh from the orchard finally get the cool treatment they deserve from ORO. The natural taste of crisp and delicious apples has been combined with a chilling menthol to conceive a combination that was once thought to be impossible. With 5% nicotine and an average of 300 hits, Apple Ice is the perfect e-liquid device for a vapor with discerning tastes. This flavor is sure to overcome your tastebuds with a rush of icy goodness, each hit being better than the last. A truly one of a kind e-liquid device, ORO will have you questioning why you didn?ÇÖt pick it up sooner.

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