Oro – Disposable Vape Device – Lush Ice – 1.3ml / 50mg

Oro - Disposable Vape Device - Lush Ice - 1.3ml / 50mg

Lush Ice Flavor – Watermelon fanatics have no clue of the cool and delicious flavor that awaits them in Lush Ice. ORO’s e-liquid device blends together the natural flavors of Icy sweet watermelon candy to create a combo with cool refreshing menthol, and provide a tempting yet unforgettable experience to even the most seasoned vapers. With 5% nicotine and an average of 300 hits, ORO’s e-liquid device places priority on delivering the best quality hardware, as well as taste. The flavor that fruit lovers everywhere have long been searching for, ORO will leave your taste buds feeling golden. Generating an unparalleled experience, this e-liquid device will quickly become your new go-to.

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