Sigeleil50W TC MOD: The Next Box Mod You Should Have

Sigeleil50W TC MOD: The Next Box Mod You Should Have

Sigelei is one of the popular names in the market for vape mod kits. It has gained the trust of many vaping enthusiasts because of their high-quality products. The company has made a buzz upon the introduction of the Sigelei 150W TC MOD. It is an improved version of the original Sigelei 150, with the biggest innovation being the addition of a temperature control. The company listened to the needs of their clients and developed this product as a response towards the yearning for better vaping accessories.

Temperature You Can Control

Among others, the best feature of the Sigelei 150W TC MOD is perhaps its adjustable temperature, providing users with control on how it can be used. You can change the temperature from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, there is no doubt that it can be superior in terms of versatility.


Well-Designed Battery Case

As one of the best e-cig mod kits, this product excels in terms of the design of the battery case. For many users, they consider the design of the battery door as a work of engineering. The battery door is made of metal. It can be easily opened and closed. It also has a superior feel and contributes to the overall aesthetics of the product.

Intuitively-Laid Screen

The screen of Sigelei 150W TC MOD is not as bright as others that you can find within the product category. Nonetheless, it excels in terms of being user-friendly. It is easy to have an understanding of what is displayed in the screen. The information is displayed in quadrants, and you can easily see battery life, atomizer resistance, watts, and volts.

Ergonomically-Designed for Ease of Handling

Compared to other similar e-cig accessories, this product comes with an ergonomic design. The manufacturer designed it in such a manner that having it handled will be a snap. It has a shape that will fit easily in your hand. The recessed grip and rounded edges are also worth noting. Also, although it is considered by many to be a big vape, it can still easily fit in your pocket. You can have it easily brought anywhere without having to be worried about its size. It is not as bulky as others, although it is not necessarily compact as well.

Aesthetically-pleasing Design

The Sigelei 150W TC MOD comes with a body that is made from aluminum alloy. This is not only lightweight but also aesthetically-pleasing. The logo is engraved on the front of the unit. The design is quite minimal, but it does not make it short in terms of appeal. It may not necessarily be a head-turner, but it is given positive feedbacks by many when it comes to aesthetics.