Smok TF-V8 Cloud Beast Tank

The Smok TF-V8 Cloud Beast is a titanic extension to the various and successful Smok line. Developing the honest to goodness blueprint of the Smok TF-V4, this tank passes on more noteworthy twists with bona fide power. The TF-V8 utilizes a different line of turbo circles attempted to withstand high wattage with tolerably low resistance. All that you loved about the TF-V4 stays set up, however the TF-V8 upgrades tank limit and a smoother feel on the top fill top. Besides, it boasts a stunning 6ml tank limit. This tank incorporates an altogether greater base wind stream plot for added customization to your vaping learning. On the off chance that you’re a vaper planning to support your cloud volume and flavor, look not any more far off than the Smok TF-V8 Cloud Beast.volume and flavor, look no more remote than the Smok TF-V8 Cloud Beast.

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