SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 Coil 0.4ohm (5 Pack) – Default Title

SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 Coil 0.4ohm (5 Pack) - Default Title

Short Description : Keep your vape in working order with this 5-pack of SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 0.4-Ohm Dual Replacement Coils. Featuring a low resistance rating, these coils are designed to deliver a deliciously rich flavor. The coils are crafted for compatibility with the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank (sold separately).Feature/Benefit Statements :These coils are designed for use with the powerful, yet compact, SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank (sold separately).Each coil boasts a dual-coil design to ramp up power, thus amplifying vapor production. The coil?ÇÖs high-performance design is crafted to supply an unforgettably rich flavor.Thanks to their 0.4-ohm resistance, these coils are ideal for sub-ohm vaping, which typically leads to larger, warmer clouds and lush, full flavor.The replacement coils are intended for use at 40W to 80W with a recommended range of 55W to 65W.What?ÇÖs Included : Five (5) SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 0.4-Ohm Dual Replacement CoilsWhy We Love It : We?ÇÖre huge fans of a flavorful cloud, and that?ÇÖs why these coils rank highly on our list of favorite vape gear. Each pull on a vape built with these coils packs a major punch thanks to the dual-coil construction and 0.4-ohm resistance level.?áProduct SpecificationsBrandSMOKProduct FamilyV8 BabyWire MaterialKanthalFinishPolishedNumber of CoilsDualWattage20-50 wattsOptimal Wattage30-40 wattsWick MaterialOrganic CottonResistance Level0.4 Ohms510 ConnectorYesManufacturer?ÇÖs WarrantyNone?áLong Description : Revolutionize your vape rig with the SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 0.4-Ohm Dual Replacement Coils. Featuring a high-performance, dual-coil configuration and modern design elements, these innovative vape replacement coils help lend each draw a powerful burst of exquisite flavor. The coils are designed precisely for use with the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank (sold separately), which is a streamlined, more compact version of the esteemed SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. The Baby Beast Tank has become a staple mod among serious vapers thanks to its smaller, easily transportable build and impeccable performance, which is delivered through careful optimization of key components, including the tank?ÇÖs bottom pair of airflow slots , air chamber and drip tip . The SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 coils themselves boast a 0.4-ohm resistance level that works in conjunction with the tank?ÇÖs updated features to offer all of the benefits that come standard with sub-ohm vape gear, including bold, remarkable flavors and abundant cloud production. ?áDisclaimers : NOTE : If using an RDA or RDTA, be sure to clean your atomizer meticulously before use. Additionally, replacement coils and their related components require a great deal of care and caution. Be sure that you understand precisely how these items are used before making a purchase. To help ensure safe use, also consider testing your coils with an ohm-meter prior to use. Low-resistance coils aren?ÇÖt designed for all devices, mods and batteries, so make certain that your gear is compatible with low-ohm coils prior to using them.Glossary of Terms Found in Long Description:Dual-coil : True to their name, replacement coils designed with a dual-coil configuration feature two coils. This increases the amount of surface area that comes in contact with your e-liquid, thus transferring heat more quickly and boosting vapor production speeds.Airflow slots : Airflow slots are a fundamental part of the typical vape tank. They tend to be adjustable, which allows you to tailor your build?ÇÖs performance per your preferences. In general, fully opening the slots maximizes vapor production at the cost of flavor. Alternately, reducing the slot size tends to take a toll on cloud size while enhancing flavor. Air chamber : Your vape tank?ÇÖs air chamber is simply where air travels once it?ÇÖs allowed into your device through its airflow slots. Like many components, air chambers often come in varying sizes or configurations in order to cater to the vape community?ÇÖs varying needs. Drip tip : Often used by advanced vape enthusiasts to help maximize flavor, drip tips are intended to replace cartridges and cartomizers. They allow users to drip e-juice directly onto the atomizer.Resistance level : By definition, resistance refers to an object?ÇÖs ability to oppose electrical currents. When it comes to your vape coils, a lower resistance level typically means rapid heating, bigger clouds and quick juice use, while high resistance levels are ideal for maximizing juice life.Sub-ohm : Sub-ohm refers to a style of vaping and related gear that employs coils with resistance levels below 1 ohm. When used properly, sub-ohm vape gear typically makes for rapid heating and full, striking flavors.

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