Teleos Juice Remixed – Pound Cake – 120ml / 0mg

Teleos Juice Remixed - Pound Cake - 120ml / 0mg

Because you didn?ÇÖt walk into that coffee shop for coffee. This is a remix not of one of our own juices, but rather, the rest of the market?ÇÖs. None of the pound cakes available were doing it for us. ?Ç£Not enough frosting?Ç¥ we?ÇÖd say, or ?Ç£not enough cake,?Ç¥ or ?Ç£too much lemon.?Ç¥ Ours has lots of cake, lots of frosting and the right amount of lemon. The only difference between ours and that nationally recognized coffee chain?ÇÖs is that we don?ÇÖt use a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Rather, we make it in a lab, where we can do that whole ?Ç£guilt-free?Ç¥ thing. ?á70% VG

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