Titanium G6 Starter Kit

The Titanium G6 starter kit has taken the E- cig vaping experience to a completely new level. The kit comes with the latest technology, where the vaping accessories are made to enhance the vaping experience. The kit displays the highest level of technological sophistication. The kit enhances the exquisiteness of your iPod and iPads devices. The kit has black cartomizers and has a blue LED tip. The battery of the kit complements the look of your device. You will find all the accessories you need in the kit, to start your sophisticated vaping experience.


Essentially, the Titanium G6 Starter Kit comes with 2 halo batteries, and you can choose a manual battery or an automatic one. The manual battery is 78mm while the automatic battery is 65mm. In addition, this kit stands out amongst the e cig mod kits available in the market because the cartomizers has one to five packs. As a user, you get to choose your favorite flavor and the level of nicotine you want on your vape. You can have cinnamon flavor, cotton candy, vanilla, raspberry, buttered popcorn and many others. Please note that if you are a newbie, it is advisable to start at the lowest level of nicotine. Actually, you can start with an e-liquid has o milligrams of nicotine contents. It will give you a vaping experience without the nicotine hit.


In addition, the Titanium G6 Starter vape accessories include two types of chargers for charging your battery. In case you have your PC, you can use the USB charger to charge your battery. Further, you can use the wall charger when you have access to a power socket. The beauty of this charger is that even the wall charge is actually a USB charger that connects to the wall charger. The Titanium G6 is one of the best vape mod kits. Typically, the entire accessories come in a carrying case – uniquely designed by Halo.


The Titanium G6 Starter vaping accessories come in various colors. You have a chance to choose the best color that complements your device. The kit comes in jet-black, blue (midnight), red, green, lime, white, titanium, deep purple and pink. The luster of the color on the Titanium G6 Starter Kit is exotic. Furthermore, this starter kit is loaded into the carrying case designed to depict technology sophistication.

Titanium G6 is the ultimate e-cigar that will give you an entirely new vaping experience. The e cig mod kits redefine the vape process. If you are looking for a new experience with E-cigar, you can have the incredible experience of the Titanium G6 Starter Kit. The batteries will last for long, and the vapor production from the cartomizers is excellent.