Tsunami 24 RDA: An Excellent Choice for RDA?

Tsunami 24 RDA: An Excellent Choice for RDA?

With a RDA or rebuildable drip atomizer, you will be able to have your coils modified as you wish. This is one thing that is commonly done by advanced users. For beginners, it could be challenging as there are complications in the assembly of the atomizer. One of the most important things is to make sure that you are using the right RDA. With this, if you are looking for the right vape accessories, one of the options that can be taken into account is the Tsunami 24 RDA. Since the time that it has been introduced, it quickly gained the attention of many people, making it a high-rated option for e-cig mod kits.

When GeekVape first introduced Tsunami 22, it has been an instant hit. It was able to captivate the attention of many customers, making it one of the best rebuild able platforms to have been introduced. This has motivated the company to research and develop more vape mod kits, and this led into the introduction of the Tsunami 24 RDA. It has an increased size and has additional features to give it a distinct advantage above its predecessor.


Notable Features of Tsunami 24 RDA

Need reasons to be convinced that it will be an excellent choice for e-cig accessories? We will take a look at some of its features, which will provide you with more than enough reasons to have it chosen above all others. First, the large size is one of the best things about this product. It has a larger space, which means that it will be able to accommodate more cotton. In addition, the liquid reservoir has also been increased, making it the largest within the product category. It comes with a juice well with a depth of 7mm and diameter of 20mm. This means that the Tsunami 24 RDA can hold up to 2.5ml of e-liquid.

When it comes to versatility, you will also have a good reason to have it chosen above other e-cig kits. One of the things that make it versatile is the inclusion of three drip tips. Users will have the freedom to choose from open Delrin drip tip, diagonal Delrin drip tip, and stainless steel drip tip.

The Tsunami 24 RDAalso offers an option for squonking. It has an integrated squonking pin, which is another thing that makes it excellent when it comes to versatility.

Many of the users of Tsunami 24 RDA have also expressed words of praises over the fact that the Velocity-style deck has been improved to make it bigger. The adjustable Kennedy-style airflow has also been commended by many.