V2 vs. Premium Vapes

With the harmful nature of traditional tobacco cigarette smoking widely known today, more and more people are opting for the new craze in town, vaping. Vaping eliminates the production of harmful tobacco cigarette smoke and with it prevents nicotine lovers from inhaling harmful chemicals as they get their fix. E-cigarettes have been growing in popularity over the years with more and more companies joining the fray, V2 and Premium Vapes are among the most popularly known companies producing high quality vaping starter kits as well as a variety of other accessories. Beginners looking to test out e-cigarette use can read on to find out how these two brands compare with each other.


Both V2 and Premium Vapes are well-known brands looking to attract more vaping enthusiasts to try out their products; customer satisfaction is at the heart of all their operations. V2 is a brand that has established itself in the market serving budget and premium products to e-cigarette users. Their cheapest starter kit comes way below the cheapest one from their competitor Premium Vapes. However, as the name suggests, Premium Vapes is a brand that is dedicated to the production of high-quality premium products that command higher prices in line with their value.

Product Variety

Different e-cigarette enthusiasts usually have different needs and, therefore, need different products to satisfy their needs. Beginners will be satisfied with low capacity batteries that are not sufficient to last experienced vaping enthusiasts through the day. V2 respects this and produces both standard capacity batteries for their starter kits as well as high capacity long lasting rechargeable batteries for experienced users. Premium Vapes, however, does not produce high capacity batteries. Starter kits come with two standard batteries that are used in alternating fashion i.e. one is used as the other is being recharged. V2 also offers a variety of starter kits for both beginners and advanced users to meet their different vaping needs.



The e-cigarette cartridge holds the e-liquid. Cartridges come in two varieties, refillable and non-refillable. The difference is that users can refill their own cartridges when the e-liquid is exhausted, for the refillable variety while the non-refillable variety has to be disposed. V2 offers both non-refillable and refillable cartridges making it easier and cheaper for vaping enthusiasts to refill them with their e-liquid of choice. Premium Vapes on the other hand only offers non-refillable cartridges as part of the Premium Vapes Cigarette range. However, refillable cartridges are also available. This is convenient for e-cig users who do not want to spend time refilling them.

For the best vaping experience, both V2 and Premium Vapes e-cigarettes offer a wide variety of flavors. Enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite taste each time they need a fix.