Vape Accessories– VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer


VaporFi probably has every type of e cig mod kits that consumers are looking for. Not only do they offer all sorts of vaporizer kits, they also have vaping accessories, such as the VaporFi Titanium &Rocket Atomizer.

For a good time with your vape mode kits, all you need is VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer. It is a dual coil atomizer that has been designed to satisfy the user. The wicks are hidden to avoid leaks. The atomizer is compatible with both VaporFi Titanium and VaporFi Rocket Tanks.

The atomizer is the most important part of any vaporizer. It is the part that turns the liquid into vapor. This is done by heating a coil that is in contact with the filler material that contains the liquid. Users must remember that atomizers can get hot when in use. They should use caution when handling any atomizer if they want to replace them right after use.

Vape accessories, such as VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer, should be maintained or cleaned on a regular basis. Some people prefer cleaning them once per day while there are other users who do it once a week. Some people clean their atomizers by just blowing on them and allowing them to dry on a paper towel. Other users would soak them in hot water or pure grain alcohol for a couple of minutes. Maintaining the atomizer, and the vaporizer as a whole depends on what suits you the best.


Just like any other atomizer on the market, VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer are required to be replaced over time. They are like light bulbs that burn out over a period of time. The good think about VaporFi atomizers is that they last a long time. The VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer come in packs of five. That means you have plenty of spare in case the one you are using burns out.

The VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer has a resistance of 1.8 ohm. The resistance is the heat produced by the coil based on the voltage of the battery. Often times, when the resistance is too high than the recommended value, the vaporizer produces lesser vapor. VaporFi atomizers have been designed to provide thicker vapor and stronger hit without any burnt taste. At 1.8 ohms, the atomizers provide a strong throat hit.

VaporFi Titanium & Rocket Atomizer is one of the best vape accessories on the market today. It provides good hits that are consistent from start to finish. Buy the five packs today. You will have spare atomizers, and don’t need to worry about not having one when it is time to replace the one you’re using. With high-quality atomizers, you will not worry about the quality and consistency of your vapor.