VaporFi Bolt Tank Accessories

There’s no finer way to feel in control (and powerful) than to build the stylish VaporFi Bolt RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), and particularly if you have the right tools and accessories in place. Not sure how RDA works or what it does? It’s an atomizer that directly drips liquid on the e-cig coil or wick. It, however, doesn’t hold muchliquid at a single time. An RDA is simple to make. It’s even easier to change its wicks and coils. And its Ohm output is highly customizable.

The VaporFi Bolt RDA boasts extreme performance, and that’s why building this thing from scratch yourself is such an honor and perhaps a total pleasure. The good thing about this RDA is highly customizable. It even gives you that hands-on feel you’re looking for when crafting it. Nothing quite compares to getting hold of the Bolt RDAand the intimate knowledge of knowing you can build one for yourself is pure bliss. All you need is VaporFi Bolt Tank accessories, and voila!




What’s included in the Bolt Tank accessory kit?


  • Four O-rings
  • Three post screws with a diameter of 20mm
  • One screwdriver and
  • Silica wick

Crafting the Bolt RDA requires a high level of performance and these accessories will help you do just that. To help keep things firm and ideally secure when crafting VaporFi Bolt RDA, you’ll need to employ the use of the three 20mm diameter post screws. This helps in trapping the lead coils securely in place. It’s not rocket science, building the Bolt. You just need to be precise and use proper VaporFi Bolt Tank accessorieto get the job done. It’s that simple!

Surgical precision is required when crafting the Bolt because making mistakes is not an option. That’s why only advanced vapers are likely to build the Bolt themselves. Anyway, creating and modifying the Bolt is a total breeze thanks to the screwdriver, which is purposely designed for the Bolt. Once everything is in place, you fit the O-rings seeing as they help keep things securely leak-free. VaporFi Bolt tank accessories make things easier and most importantly, precise.

If you’re a VaporFi Bolt RDA enthusiast, you should operate it with a surgical precision much like how it is designed, with utmost precision. These accessories are specially designed for getting the Bolt ready for an impressiveperformance, and also to fine tune it for better vaping. If you want to vape your way to Nirvana, better get the VaporFi Bolt Tank accessories to help you do just that. You’ll get value for money and a finished Bolt that’s ready to bolt you to vaping bliss.

If you’re a beginner or an average vaper who doesn’t have an extensive knowledge of how to use a meter, or when it’s used or how e-cigarettes work, you shouldn’t use RDAs and in particular the Bolt. Why? It’s a mere province for the experts. Period!