VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip

Cigarette smokers have finally met their match with vaping as this e-cigarette is now offering smokers a new way to enjoy their favorite past time minus the carcinogens. Millions of people are now turning to vaping as this allows them to smoke wherever they are even without their cigarette. And for those who want to make the most out of their vaping experience, the VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip is worth checking out.


What is the VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip?

This drip tip for VaporFi Bolt is the perfect solution for those who want to bring their vaping experience to new heights as the drip tip boosts the performance of your vaporizer like never before. The drip tip is designed specifically for VaporFi Bolt for it to fit perfectly so your e-liquid can drip into the atomizer directly.

Easy to install and safe to use, there is no doubt that the VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip will give you a better smoking experience and thanks to its gorgeous design, you can make your vaping accessories stand out even more! Comfort is still thought of in the design of the VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip, so you don’t worry about ruining your e-cigarettes overall appeal. Stylish, easy to use, and gives you a different high, buying this drip tip is the best thing to do.


VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip Compatibility

The VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip works perfectly with the VaporFi Bolt RDA, which can aid in maximizing the benefits of this e-cigarette. The Bolt RDA gives you total control of your vaping experience from customization of your tank and accessories all the way to smoking and tasting perfection with longer vaping sessions for you and your pals.




The Bolt RDA is only for those who have been vaping for some time now because they are accustomed to using rebuildables. You should have some knowledge on electronics before you can use the VaporFi Bolt and Bolt Tank Drip Tip seamlessly.

Get Longer Vaping Sessions with VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip

Increase the pleasure of your vaping experience by installing VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip to your e-cigarette for the drip to fall directly into the atomizer for stronger smoke and intense taste. You won’t even believe that you’re not smoking real cigarettes with the quality of smoke that you are inhaling and exhaling.

Rebuild your Bolt RDA with VaporFi Bolt Tank Drip Tip and feel and taste the difference. And with its stylish design, you’ll be the envy of your vaping partners when they see how classy your accessory is with the gorgeously crafted bolt tank drip tip. At less than $6, you can make the most of your vaping experience in no time.