VaporFi Large Rubber O-Rings

Plenty of smokers are now switching to vaping as it offers continuous smoking enjoyment minus the health hazards of smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes come in different styles and designs with the tanks promising longer vapor sessions with your buddies. Unfortunately, with constant vaping or over-excitement, the vapes can be accidentally tightened which can speed up the deterioration of the O-rings. If you don’t want your vaping experience to be hindered in any way, you might want to check out VaporFi large rubber O-rings.



There is no doubt that the VaporFi tanks guarantee an hour long of smoking satisfaction but as is with other devices, you will need to upgrade and maintain the parts of your electronic cigarette. If your vaping device is constantly leaking, you should check its O-ring if it is still its normal size. Any swelling can cause the rubber to slip easily which can affect your vaping experience. When it comes to choosing which O-ring to purchase, VaporFi large rubber O-ring is worth investing in.

The O-rings tend to swell when it comes in contact with e-liquid or when subjected to high heat. These are just some of the reasons why you notice that there are leakages occurring with your vaping device. Most vapers don’t really check the O-ring until it is too late so if ever you notice you are not getting the same vaping experience as you did before, try to disassemble your piece and check out the condition of the O-ring.

If you find that the O-ring that you are currently using has lost its former shape, it is high time to  swap it with VaporFi large rubber O-rings to maximize your vaping experience minus the leakage.

What’s great about

is that it’s resistant to chemicals and heat, which are the two contributing factors as to why many e-cigarettes don’t really last. Once the seal that is created by the O-ring in your e-cigarette is no longer functioning, you can expect that your tanks won’t last that long because of the leakage.

Also, the rubber O-rings developed by VaporFi can withstand abrasion meaning they won’t easily deteriorate no matter how often you use your e-cigarette. Just imagine how better your vaping experience will be as long as your device is sealed properly and without any leakages occurring.

If you are looking for an O-ring that can last you a long time without swelling out of shape, the VaporFi large rubber O-rings are definitely worth looking into. Sturdy, resistant to heat and abrasion, and affordable, you can never go wrong in accessorizing your electronic cigarette with this type of O-ring. For sure, you will notice how better your vaping sessions are once you install this accessory.