VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit

VaporFi has already made a name for itself having crafted some amazing e-cigarette products. Even as the e-cigarette industry is just establishing its foundation as a formidable modern industry, it is clear to see that efforts are being made to ensure that vaping creates one of the best user experiences. Cigarette smokers have waited long enough to be able to enjoy a refreshing nicotine dose without having to deal with the negative effects of traditional tobacco smoking. However, with products such as the VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit, they no longer have to put up with a substandard smoking experience. Vaping seems to have come full circle, and VaporFi platinum pro is right at the center of it all.

The VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit is one of the well-built e-cigarettes available to vaping enthusiasts’ today. With a simple glance at this exceptionally designed vaping pen, you would think that it will cost you over a hundred dollars to own. However, it is on offer at a substantially lower price.



The VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit is designed to be one of the most sophisticated e-cigarettes on the market today. It comes with a sleek and slim stainless steel finish with the clearomizer further enhancing this look. Any vaping fan using this pen will definitely seem experienced and stand out from those using regular starter kits. When held, it feels slightly heavier and sturdier making it great for those who are afraid of breaking their e-cigarette when in their pocket.



The VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit comes complete with a variety of items to ensure that you can get to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience straight after filling it up with your favorite e-liquid. The package come with two atomizers, one 650Amh battery, one Platinum clearomizer tank, wall charger, USB charging cable and a user manual. The only exception from this wonderful package is the e-liquid, which users are supposed to buy separately.

The high-capacity Platinum clearomizer tank, which holds 2.5ml of e-liquid is among the main benefits of choosing the VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit. This higher capacity tank means that you will have the luxury of vaping longer without having to refill it as often as with other smaller tanks. For most vaping fans out there, this capacity is more than enough to get you through the day without any associated hassles.

Cleaning the unit is also quite simple as it can be easily dismantled and put together again. However, the 650Amh battery on the VaporFi Platinum Pro Starter Kit does seem low capacity and the available alternative of 1000Amh battery is much more interesting. However, the included battery is more than enough for most vaping fans.