VaporFi Pro & Rocket Variable USB Charger

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding your e-cigarette is out of battery just when you need it the most. What’s even more annoying is purchasing several chargers because of compatibility issues with the battery packs that you are using. You can already imagine the frustration that is bound to happen when you brought the wrong charger. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the pain of worrying about bringing the wrong USB charger for your battery pack or running out of battery for your vaping device because the VaporFi Pro & Rocket Variable USB charger is the answer to your prayers.


A good vape setup is one that can provide you with several options not only in the quality of your vaping but also your overall experience with your device. If you are among those who are getting frustrated with the number of chargers that they have to bring to suit their vape battery packs then you are in luck as the USB charger by VaporFi is compatible with the Pro, Variable Pro and Rocket batteries. If you’re using all three battery packs for your vaping device, then you should get your hands on VaporFi Pro & Rocket Variable USB charger.

What’s great about this specific USB charger is that it can be used in any USB outlet plus since it is compatible with three battery packs your charger will be completely versatile depending on the battery that you are using. And since it is a USB charger, you can bring it anywhere with you as long as there is a port where you can install it to charge your device.

Having a flexible vape setup is a good idea for those who vape as this gives them the freedom to keep on vaping wherever, whenever without worrying about their battery packs running out of energy. With a good portable USB charger that is compatible with VaporFi Pro and Rocket, you’ll be puffing away contently knowing that you can always plug in your device using the VaporFi Pro & Rocket Variable USB charger.

USB chargers always come in handy especially to those who vape as they are lightweight, portable, and ready to be inserted into any viable port in a computer. Simply put, a flexible USB charger that is compatible with three different types of battery packs can be considered a good investment since it removes the need to use different chargers for various battery packs which are exactly what you can get from VaporFi Pro & Rocket Variable USB charger.


Don’t let charging your vape batteries become a burden especially when you can get a USB charger that can work with different VaporFi battery packs.