VaporFi Pulse Battery (650 mAh)

Power and compact design: two words that sum up VaporFi pulse battery. It’s a perfect balance of the two, perhaps even more if going by its increasing popularity is anything to go by. VaporFi pulse battery (650mAh) boasts high performancehencea force to reckon with. Compared to conventional e-cig batteries, it’s highly advanced and reliable. If you need a high level of results, Pulse 650 mAh is ideal for you. It has a longer standby, puff count, and enviable digital screen.



Please note that not all chargers are compatible with Pulse 650 mAh battery, only the unique pulse circular cordless charger.If you are a first-time user of VaporFi Pulse batteries, you’ll realize that they last longer than other conventional batteries. One Pulse battery is capable of emitting voltage of 3.7 with 650 mAh. In regards to height, it’s a bit more extended with a length of 3.75 inches. The most admirable feature of this battery is perhaps the digital display counter.

It counts the number of puffs you’ve inhaled, and the amount of charge left on your battery. This distinct feature is what distinguishes it from the rest of the e-cig batteries. Then again, it also equally boasts threading styles similar to Ego and 510. That explains why the VaporFi pulse battery (650 mAh) is the preferred choice for many e-cig users. It’s a brand of battery that is simply unrivaled.


What makes its suitable to a high number of users?

It has a compact embossed design that not only looks stunning but also gives the e-cig an edge. Pulse batteriesare often packed full of handy features and they are compatible with a good number of VaporFi products including VaporFi collar, VaporFi premium and platinum cartomizer, VaporFi CLEAR and PRO-XL cartomizer, VaporFi PRO-L cartomizer, and Pro starter kit. If you relish VaporFi products, you won’t have a problem loving these batteries as well.

Besides the great looks and compatibility with quality products, the VaporFi pulse battery 650 mAh is equally popular thanks to its puff counter that goes from 0 to 999. You can reset it by just holding down the activation button for around fifteen seconds. But this feature is not as handy as the battery life indicator. It’s perhaps the most useful of the features. If e-cigs batteries have once failed you, you’ll understand the convenience that the Pulse batteries bring on board.

Not knowing when a battery is going to die on you is the worst feeling ever. Ask an e-cig user. An indicator, therefore, is an excellent featurebecause it eliminates a long-time e-cigarette battery problem. In a nutshell, the indicatorremoves the element of surprise. It warns you early enough that the battery is about to die, giving you time to charge it before heading out. So stretch your coin and purchase VaporFi Pulse battery 650 mAh.