VaporFi Rebel II Starter Kit

The powerful and customizable Rebel II (Rebel 2) is here, and it promises better-vaping experiences than its predecessor. It’s a more advanced personal electronic cigarette of the VaporFi brand. So if you loved the earlier version of Rebel, the Rebel 2 will get you falling head over heels. It is classic and, as earlier put, highly advanced. Put simply, it’s a game-changer, and that’s why you should have it. Get the high-end Rebel 2 today and “vape” your way to pure bliss.



VaporFi Rebel II starter kit contains game-changing contents: a user manual, 3.7v, 300 mAh wall charger, 4 ml rebel Pyrex glass tank clearomizer with dual coil of 2.5 ohm resistance, juice flow control atomizer head, 750 mAh rechargeable standard capacity battery, 2800 mAh rechargeable high capacity battery and a telescopic variable voltage vaporizer. These contents have revolutionized the Rebel 2 e-cig for what it is, perhaps even better.

Rebel 2 is made of glass material but with a clean, smooth steel finish, which makes its design relatively unique. But what makes the Rebel 2 come across as high quality is the stunning tank on top of it. It bears a resemblance to the best clearomizer of 2014, the Aspire Nautilus. It boasts LED screen on the battery compartment that displays the wattage or voltage, whichever gets displayed first. The VaporFi Rebel 2 is high-performance, and its high-end price says it all.



One thing that the VaporFi Rebel 2 has in common with the VOX 50 MOD, a powerful model of the e-cig, is that the latter works best with a Rebel 2 tank. But that’s not the point. The features of the Rebel 2 kit are equally distinctive much like the Rebel 2 itself. This sterling kit, to begin with, has a year’s worth warranty. The juice atomizer that comes with it can be adjusted to fit your preferences. Not to mention, Rebel 2’s PCB allows up to 4 amps of charge output.

Besides allowing 4 amps output, Rebel 2’s kit also comes with a reverse battery protection, and best of all, it is thread compatible with 510 and Ego e-cig model. The most refreshing aspect of this kit is perhaps its ability to protect all these Rebel 2 contents from damage. That’s why it is important that you have it for your Rebel 2. The kit also houses one high power 18650 battery or an 18350 battery, but not both. The e-cigs voltage is adjustable as well its wattage.

In a nutshell, the VaporFi Rebel II starter kit is a must have. You’ve got to have it. You’ll get good value for money once you do. So stretch your coin today and purchase the VaporFi Rebel II to get your starter kit.