VaporFi Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery

At times, it comes as an understatement, but the VaporFi Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery is often considered as the cream of the crop in the vaporizing world. Vaping enthusiasts are on the constant lookout only for the finest products, those that can give the control, as well as the most powerful performance. Rebel is the only product that can provide such requirements. This battery comes with an adjustable voltage, short circuit protection, 4A output, as well as its astonishing stainless steel construction. It is also compatible and versatile with different accessories and products. You will certainly never get bored with this option.

In order to understand the full potential of this battery, it is also as important to know what it is used for. Generally speaking, it has been designed to work with the vaping products under the line Rebel from VaporFi, particularly the Rebel II body and VaporFi rebel.

VaporFi Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery

 The Rebel Line

Just like the name suggests, this line is composed of customizable and powerful electronic cigarettes, which were just recently launched. The quality is very high that it is often categorized under the APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) selections. VaporFi, on the other hand, the head manufacturer of these items, is a US based company, and has been known for producing high quality and up the market electronic cigarettes.

The company produces a wide range of e-cigarettes, from minis to egos, and all the way up to the lines most powerful piece, the Vox50 Mod. At the same time, they also offer nice tasting e-liquids, which come with a custom blend portion where you can even create your own combination. The customer service is also the best in this industry. As a matter of fact, you can even receive a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a 1-year warranty on the VaporFi Rebel II, as well as 90-days mostly for other products.


Battery Life

The VaporFi Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery in 2800 mAh often last for days when used on reasonable wattage or voltage. In fact, it can last for two days without charging under normal usage conditions. The best thing about this is that aside from the standard battery, the package also comes with a smaller battery. This is a good thought on the part of the manufacturer because if the bigger one runs out, all you need to do is to insert the smaller one for backup. The kit also comes with a charger, which can easily be plugged to the wall and can fit both sizes of batteries.

Indeed, your e-cigarette will only work if you use VaporFi Rebel Standard-Capacity Battery. With its standard features and capacity, you will be assured of a great time vaping!