VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer

With its compact, sleek design Vaporfi’s Stratus dry herb vaporizer is one you are likely to see at festivals or out on the streets. Focus was clearly placed on producing a discreet design that looks very much like any other vape, but is it? In a nutshell this is a simple, portable, variable temp control dry herb vape. If you’re looking to transition into vaping that sweet, sweet herb, it’s a great beginner-friendly starter kit. It boasts a good sized herb chamber and decent battery life making this piece a comfortable introduction to vaping for all.
There is no doubt the stratus is a well designed piece. It has a common vape pen look and is sure to blend in with the many other people vaping on e-liquids which is a big plus for this device. There aren’t many flashy things about it as far as appearances go, but are you really looking for a fashion accessory? Didn’t think so.

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