VaporFi Universal Drip Tip (Plastic)

Enjoy your vaping of electronic cigarette more by the direct dripping method, which is the trend alternative to using cartridges. Drip tips are attached to the atomizer, replacing the cartridges, giving a more amazing look to your e-cigarette as well as a better concentrated flavor while vaping.


VaporFiPlastic Universal Drip Tip will serve as a mouthpiece, and it is attached by simply removing the absorbent material and the cartridge from the atomizer and putting the drip tip in place.Drip tips makes it easier to drip e-liquid in your electronic cigarette since it has a small hallow hole in the center that allows you to drip the e-liquid directly into the atomizer without the need to remove the VaporFi Universal Drip Tip.


And since this drip tip is also universal, you would not have to worry if it would be compatible with your vaporizer model. It can be used by all variety of different models, and VaporFi Universal Drip Tip would not have any problems with being loose or too tight on other atomizers. Each tip will pop on surely and easily to numerous vaporizer models.


VaporFi’s Plastic Universal Drip Tip also comes in 9 different colors including black, clear or transparent, yellow, green, purple, red and blue. This will give you more options to choose andlevel up the look of the end piece on top of your e-cigarette. It is a simple way to change up your vaporizer model, just pop on this plastic drip tip to add an instant style and customization to your vaporizer.


Nevertheless, this stylish mouthpiece is not only about looks because VaporFi’s Plastic Universal Drip Tip produces more concentrated and more vapor through its wide tip. Its curvy features also add more style andaccent to your vaporizer model.And since it is plastic, it is the perfect alternative to the commonly used cold metal tip, giving you a much better and enjoyable vaping. VaporFi’s Plastic Universal Drip Tip is guaranteed to not get cold fast like the common metal mouthpiece. It would fit perfectly to any vaporizer model as opposed to the rubber drip tips that easily falls off.


This universal drip tip can be bought at a very affordable price. You can buy as many varieties of color as you want, and have more colorful choices.VaporFi’s Plastic Universal Drip Tipis a little extra that will turn your vapor model from having one simple look to a better, comfortable, stylish and more amazing look. Buy now and have clean and colorful vaping!