VaporFi Vice Starter Kit

Finally a sub-ohm, power hungry, personal vaporizer without all the work! We have been waiting for a device of this type for some time now and its not surprising that VaporFi was one of the firsts to do it. We have all seen those vapers who have these monster devices in their hands, constantly dripping their juice into them and blowing clouds that you could disappear into, and if you ever ask them about about the device itself it can get complicated quickly. Now with the new Vice from VaporFi you can blow the same massive clouds without having to bust out a tool kit and take half an afternoon to do it!
This sub-ohm vaporizer comes in an awesome vape-pen style making it fit easily in anyone’s hand and its tank gives you complete control over its airflow – making the throat hit as tight as you want it. Since its a sub-ohm device, you can use e-liquid ratio’s you want.

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