VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit

Vape users who want to take their vaping experience to new levels should definitely get their hands on the new and improved VaporFi VOX II MOD starter kit. This starter kit combines innovation with breathtaking design making it one of the best starter kits to fulfill any cloud chaser’s dream.

Vaping has been a trend in numerous smoking circles hence vape manufacturers are coming up with more innovative designs to meet the needs of their clients. And when it comes to satisfying their customer’s experience, the VaporFi VOX II MOD starter kit definitely fits the bill.


Features of VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit

 The VOX II MOD starter kit is equipped with a high capacity 35A 2500 mAh battery, USB cable for charging, as well as 1 of 3 tanks that have been recently reinvented. If you really want to go beyond your vape experience then getting your hands on these new specifications is definitely a must.

What else is there to expect of the VaporFi VOX II MOD starter kit? A digital OLED screen, a maximum current output amounting to 22 amps, adjustable output power ranging from 7 w to 50 w, USB pass-through charging system, reverse battery protection, input high voltage warning, 510 threading including spring loaded pin, auto Ohm resistance meter (designed to look for appropriate voltage for RDA/RBA), replaceable battery, temperature protection, and output short-circuit protection just to name a few.


To get the most out of your VOX II MOD, why not combine it with any of these tanks:


  • Volt Hybrid Tank – Called hybrid because this tank allows you to choose from re-buildable deck with RBA coils that are pre-made or organic cotton atomizers that are also pre-made. This tank features sub-ohm and low atomizers with 2 pre-built coils and adjustable airflow. Everything that you will need for a unique vaping experience.
  • Dual Coil Rebel Tank –This tank is definitely unique in the market as it allows you to have total control on the amount of e-liquid travels to the atomizer. This is ideal for vape users who want to have full customization on their device.


Why Buy VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit

If you are tired of using the same vape MOD then switching to VaporFi’s VOX II is going to take you one step closer to vaping nirvana thanks to its new enhancements that allow you to reach new heights with its 50 watt power, digital OLED screen, as well as reverse battery protection and other features such as those mentioned above. And you know what the best part is? These unique features are all integrated into a single stainless steel, pocket-sized MOD starter kit that you can bring anywhere with you.

Smoke like a boss with this new and improved MOD starter pack from VaporFi and blow out some serious smoke that will leave others stunned. For sure, they will want to get their hands on VaporFi VOX II MOD starter kit in no time.