VaporFi vShock Sub-ohm Atomizers (5 Pack)

Like most fully mechanical mods, Atomizers mods are suitable for sub-ohm vaping as long as all this information is kept in check. Until now, top-firing mods like the Roller are by design more complex than the simplest bottom-firing mechs, which means that they require more attention. Additionally, most top-firing designs have a spring-loaded battery-to-mod contact, which may result in headaches when used for sub-ohm vaping by inexperienced vapers.
0.2 ohm
The 0.2 sub ohm atomizers will keep this tank performing at the level you’d expect! Fresh atty’s mean fresh flavor and the most optimal vapor; they’re absolutely essential. The 5-pack lets you stay ready for a while; grab ‘em!
0.6 ohm
Here’s the 5-pack of 0.6 sub ohm atty’s for seriously clean flavor and massive clouds of vapor. Change regularly for the best performance.
TCT Ni200 0.15 ohm
these dual coil 0.15 ohm NI 200 atty’s do the job, and do it right! Change them regular for the best performance.

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