VaporFiBoom Charger

 Electronic cigarettes are rapidly becoming famous because it lets many users enjoy the feeling of smoking but with safer and less adverse health effects compared to the traditional cigarettes. It is battery-powered, so like any other gadget, the batteries of electronic cigarettes will eventually wear out and require charging.


Acellphonewill warn you and produce a beeping sound when its battery is low.  An electronic cigarette on the other hand, needs to be charged when you start to see a significant reduction in smoke volume whenever you try and use the vaporizer. There are several chargers available for different vaporizer or electronic cigarette models. And there are also a number of different configurations of chargers to choose from such as USB chargers, car chargers and wall chargers. There is nothing better than having more options to charge your gear.


USB chargers use a standard USB port while car chargers allow you to charge while you commute. Wall chargers, on the other hand, are standard with all starter kits.However, if you have purchased yourVaporFi Boom Starter Kit, there isn’ta better wall charger than the VaporFi Boom Charger. This electronic cigarette two-pronged wall charger is compatible and easily plugs to any standard 120v wall outlet in your home or anywhere you go.VaporFi Boom Charger is specifically designed to the power unit or battery of the Boom Vapor Kit. It is sure to meet the requirements for the best and effective charging of your Boom electronic cigarette.


This charger is used by simply screwing the battery of your electronic cigarette into your USB charger and then plugging it into the wall charger. Charging using the VaporFi Boom Charger is perfectly safe, and would not take more than 4 hours. You would know if the vaporizer’s battery is already fully charged once the blue indicator lights on the USB charger.


You do not have toworry about finding a wall charger that will have the right specification for your BoomVapor model nor will you ever worry about your electronic cigarettes’ battery life getting low because VaporFi Boom Charger and Boom Vapor Kit is simply made for each other. It is made to make your Boom Vapor vaporing experience stress-free. It is guaranteed to get your battery loaded and ready for use because VaporFi Boom Charger is simply not like any other chargers out.  Most cheaper chargers are either generic or ill-powered. This wall charger is excellently designed and will keep your Boom powered up.


So put your Boom to good use and make sure it is always charged up by purchasing a VaporFi Boom Charger.