The VaporFi VOX II MOD is the latest mod device from VaporFi, and it has already stirred things up in the vaping industry. Judging by the features of this device, it is good to recognize that it is a rather complex vaping setup that is best for seasoned users of e-cigarettes and not beginners. Nevertheless, you are basically getting lots of specs and features at an amazing price compared to its competitors. Learn more about the VaporFi VOX II MOD below:

The VaporFi VOX II MOD delivers a minimum of 7W and a maximum of 50W of power. It also comes with an OLED screen, temperature protection, and OHM resistance meter. The stainless steel look of this mod makes it very classy and attractive.


Safety features of VaporFi VOX II MOD

The device comes with some amazing safety features such as short-circuit and reverse-battery protection. The reverse-battery safety protection protects the mod from being destroyed when you insert the battery into the device the wrong way. In addition, VaporFi VOX II MOD also allows users to make use of the innovative pass-through feature so that they can vape while charging the battery simultaneously.


Ease of use of VaporFi VOX II MOD

The VaporFi VOX II MOD allows users to control how much power they need for vaping for enormous clouds or better throat hit. The clear OLED digital display makes it simple to monitor and control the volume of power. The screen also gives a warning when you are either using too high or low voltage. The device also protects you from resistance less than 0.2 OHMS.


VaporFi VOX II MOD battery

VaporFi VOX II MOD has a unique removable battery that was created specifically for this device. It is a 65mm removable battery rated at 2500mAh 35A that is needed for powering the device. Compared to other mods, this particular battery lasts longer and helps in maintaining the voltage so as to deliver a consistent vaping experience from the initial puff all through to the final one.


VaporFi VOX II MOD aesthetics

With a sharp, dominant and clean look, the VaporFi VOX II MOD is both amazing to look at and use. It is quite an impressive upgrade to the original one, and it delivers a better boxy feel, which is what is expected from box mods. There is also the fact that this mod is made completely of stainless steel, which sets it apart from other devices that have metallic color coatings.

For those who are looking for a reasonably priced advanced mod then the VaporFi VOX II MOD is a great deal to consider. Order yours now at htts://